Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Introduction to the module - First reaction to brief

The brief to create a 30 second animated trailer for a James Bond film sounds interesting but at the same time looks like it will be challenging. The brief allows a lot of room for creativity as there are a lot of films to choose from and different ideas you use in the animation.

I think that the modelling and animation will take a long time so good time management will be essential.

Creating a research board, mood board and storyboard will allow for my ideas to be explored but also keep them focused on the brief.

In the first 6 weeks we have to model at least three artefacts to star in the trailer and with this show three different specific modelling techniques. Having never used 3d Studio Max or 3d modelled to any great extent the task seems daunting. As I will be learning to use the software and to 3d model it will mean that I will need to reign in my ideas so that I don’t try to create something too complicated.

The three models have to be handed in so this will be a deadline to work to. The timescale seems reasonable as 6 weeks is a long time but I don’t really know how long it will take to model the artefacts.

In the second part for the final next 6 weeks we have to continue to make trailer and start animating and are expected to make use of three animating techniques. I think that the animation will be complicated as it will be animating in a 3d space making it difficult to move the models in the way that I want.

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