Monday, 7 February 2011


I have watched the film and have decided on the scenes that I am going animate for my trailer. I have thought about the animation that I am going to create and the models that I will need to make for the animation. I have collected reference images that I will use when producing the models. I have made 3 moodboards with the reference images that I have found and taken from the film.
The first moodboard is for the scene where Bond chases Mollaka onto the crane. I will animate Bond ascending to the top of the crane on the rope and then pursuing him along the top of the crane.

The second moodboard I have created is for the scene where Bond hangs onto the fuel truck as it is heading towards the Skyfleet plane. I will animate the part where Bond jumps onto the truck and the part where it crashes through the bus.

The third moodboard is for the scene where Bond is playing poker. I will animate the cards being dealt out and they will play poker. Bond will move all his poker chips into play then Le Chiffre will look at his cards as though he is worried.

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