Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Research board

The James Bond film that I have decided I am going to create an animated trailer for is Casino Royale.

I haven’t seen the film but the name of the film and research into the plot show that it has a casino in. I thought that this would be a good film to choose as there would be a lot of things that could be modelled and animated quite simply, such as poker chips, playing cards and dice for example and these would fit with the theme of the film.

In Bond films there are lots of action sequences, car chases and shoot outs but this would be quite difficult for me to achieve in my animation as I have little experience in modelling and animation. Modelling and animating something like a car or person is a bit too advanced so I decided to go for a more abstract idea with less complicated objects and animation.

I will use other objects such as a gun and Martini glass to tie in with the Bond theme but this will be less obvious to make the animation simpler.

I have created a research board with images that I have found when researching into the film that I am going to create an animated trailer for, this is shown below.

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