Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Truck wheel

This is the wheel what I have modelled for the jet fuel truck that I am modelling. I used a tube for the tyre and added a tyre tread bitmap image for the diffuse and the bump map in the material.

It was quite difficult to get the image to wrap the right way around the tyre. I used the uvw map modifier set the mapping to cylinder and adjusted the setting for image rotation to change the way that the image would be applied so that the image wrapped around the tyre. I increased the tiling of the image so that it wrapped around the tyre.

The image didn't map exactly right and as it also displayed on the faces inside the tube but as you can't see this because of the rim it doesn't matter. The texture also displayed lines on the side of the tyre but I think that it looks ok.To model the rim of the wheel I started with a cylinder and deleted part of the mesh so that I was left with 1/10th of the circle. I modelled the bolt and holes in this small section, leaving the pivot point at the center. When I had finished modelling this section I used the rotate tool to clone the section around in a circle to create the whole wheel. I rotated the cloned section so that it was next to the original part that I had made and by increasing the amount of copies to be cloned I created the rest of the wheel. This required a bit of trial and error to get the wheel to join. To create the full circle the mesh had to overlap a bit, I fixed this by joining up the vertices where the sections of wheel met.

I used a mesh smooth modifier to smooth the shape of the rim. This caused some problems as I needed to at some extra loops to sections that I wanted to keep with a hard edge such as the bolts as otherwise these were also smoothed. Adding materials to the rim caused some problems as it was difficult to select the middle section of the wheel. The rim of the wheel is quite high poly so I will use this wheel for closeups and may have to model another wheel using a simple cylinder with an image texture for the long shots.

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