Friday, 11 February 2011


This is render of a poker chip that I have made. I used two materials on the poker chip by using a multi/sub-object material. I have added the diffuse colour but think that I still need to adjust the specular setting to make them look more realistic. Below is a render with a plane that has been added the scene and a card table texture added to it. As I didn't set up any lights in the scene there are no shadows which looks a bit strange but I think that the shape and look of the poker chips look ok.

Here is a screenshot of the scene in 3ds max. I think that the poker chips may be a little too high poly as I lowered the amount of edges on the cylinder which meant the chips were circular and then used NURMS (non-uniform rational mesh smooth) with iterations set to 3 that made the mesh more rounded but also increased the polygons. I then added some loops to keep the edges straight. I used the symmetry modifier to mirror the top half of the poker chip so that both halves were the same. I cloned the poker chip and increased the number of copies then moved them slightly to make then look as though they had been piled up by hand.

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