Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Wheel screenshots

I didn't post any screenshots of how I created the truck wheel model at the time so I am posting them here. Above is the section of rim that I created for the wheel.

I used the rotate tool to rotate the section around so that the it was next to the original section while holding the shift key.

This brought up the clone object panel and I inscreased the amount of copies to 9 to create the full circle.
This is the final object after I had used target weld to join the vertices at the edges of the sections together.
Above is a render of the rim for the wheel. It has some slight bumps around the edge, as I think that the orginal cylinder that I used didn't have enough sides, but this are less noticable with the tyre in place.

Here is a screenshot of the tyre mesh this was created using a tube primitive.
Above is a render of the tyre with out the rim in place. Below is a screenshot of the final tyre model.

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