Thursday, 17 March 2011

Airport scene

For the airport scene I extended the ground plane that I had made earlier and imported the truck, plane boarding stairs, and bus that I had modelled. I added bitmaps of aeroplanes onto planes and used opacity maps to remove the background from the images.

Before setting up the lighting with default lighting

I added spotlights for the headlights and omni lights for the smaller lights on the truck I linked these lights to the truck so that they would move with the truck when it is being animated.

I added lights to the edge of the road and created some street to illuminate the scene. I adjusted the decay so that the light would reduce its strength the further away from the light source I adjusted the lights so that the edge of the scene looked dark, as though it was at night, but the truck and main objects in the scene were illuminated enough.

After adding lighting to the scene

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  1. This scene looks really good. Love the lighting! Well done :o)