Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Fuel truck - uv unwrapping

Above is a render of the truck as it looks at the moment. With the rear tank part of the truck finished I started to add the materials to the truck. As I needed to put the logo onto the side of the truck I used an UV unwrap modifier and selecting the polygons of different sections of the model I unwrapped each section and arranged the separate map sections in the image.

Here the polygons making up the inside of a compartment on the back of the truck is selected on the left you can see a window the with sections of the truck that have already been unwrapped and the polygons that make up the selection highlighted in red in a bunch on the left.
Choosing the option of unwrap mapping 3ds max unwraps the selected polygons to create a net that when folded back up creates the shape. The image above shows in red the unwrapped map selected. This can then be scaled and placed in the image area to be rendered as a guide image.

After unwrapping all of the sections I arranged them so that they fitted in the image area and rendered the UV guide as a PNG so that it would have a transparent background. I opened this in Photoshop, here I added the logo and detailing to an image using the guide image to know where to place them. Saving the created image without the guide and using it as a material for the object in 3ds max the separate sections will display on different parts of the model.
I had some problems with UV unwrapping where parts of the mesh were joined in the wrong way and where I had used the wrong mapping type so was unable to add the textures I had wanted to that edge. Also the guide image was too small so that when I applied the material to the object the textured looked blurry. To fix this I had to increase the size and try again.

I think that I have found out what has caused the problems and if I unwrapped it again I would beable to use the uv map to apply the rest of the decals to the side of the truck. Unwrapping this whole section of the model took longer than I thought it would have and as there is not much time before the hand in of the three models I will not try to change this as the way the texture has applied looks ok but may try again with the unwrapping before the end of the animation.

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