Thursday, 17 March 2011


I imported the bus that I had modelled in Blender after having exported it as an OBJ. When importing the model I made sure I clicked import as single mesh otherwise it would not import correctly as the model was made up of multiple parts.

I adjusted the materials and improved the model in 3ds max.

To model the pipes I also used Blender, I modelled a quarter of the circumference of the pipe I used a mirror modifier (symmetry modifier in 3ds max) to create full circle and then used an array modifier to make a series of the shape I had created using a curve modifier to make the mesh follow a spline curve.
When importing the pipes I didn’t need to check import as single mesh as there was only one model in the OBJ file. I created the plane boarding stairs in Blender and imported them into 3ds max as well.

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