Friday, 25 March 2011

Using rigged characters

I had some problems with the character that I had created an rigged for my scenes. When I imported them into the animation scenes they were too big and I could scale the character as they had already been rigged, the biped and mesh couldn't be scaled at the same time and scaling either of the parts would cause the mesh to deform incorrectly.

To get around this problem I scaled the scene so that it was the right size for the character. As I hadn't done any animation in these scenes it was ok. For the other scene as I had already started animating scaling the scene caused problems so I removed the biped and imported only the character mesh. I then scaled it to the right size and quickly created another biped. As I had already done this before I managed to do this more quickly.

If I were to do this again I would import the character into the scene and adjust their size before making the biped.

After sorting out the model I positions Bond so that he was laying on the top of the truck. I tried to make it look as though he was trying to hold onto the rails on the top of the truck. Next I will link him to the truck so that he will move along with it as it is animated. I will then animate him so he looks as though he is going to stand up but when he sees the bus he will hide back down due to the explosion.
Render from above the truck

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