Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Animation basics

For my first attempt at animating in 3d studio max I used auto key to create the animation of a ball bouncing.
Using the curve editor I adjusted the shape of the curve and used the fast tangent pre-sets on the upwards bounce of the ball. Using the out of range types I set the type to cycle so that it would repeat throught out the animation. I cloned the ball two times to create 3 balls.

I changed the dope sheet to edit ranges and with the spheres selected I changed the length of the bounces for the separate balls and moved the starting positions so that they would start on different frames so that they do not look exactly the same.

I rendered the animation to an AVI this is shown below. The balls do not squash when they hit the ground. This is something that could be added later to make the ball's bounce look more realistic.

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