Monday, 28 March 2011

SWOT analysis

  • The three models that I have made have turned out well so I do not need to remodel them
  • Other models that have created for the scenes have turned out quite well
  • I think that the idea for my animation is quite good
  • I have modelled most of the objects that need to be modelled
  • I have made a storyboard and have planned the animation
  • Setting up the lighting for a scene
  • Adding textures and materials to objects
  • Adding unnecessary detail on models that won’t be viewed close up
  • Spending too much time on modelling before moving onto animation
  • Not modelling the most important parts first
  • Not always looking at plans that I have made
  • I haven’t animated in 3d studio max before this module
  • To make a good animation that I can be proud of
  • To see what I have made come together into a final product
  • There is still time to sort out what I am doing and make any changes necessary
  • I have access to lecturers who I can ask for help/ideas
  • The deadline
  • The amount of time left to finish the animation and render
  • Needing to model other objects for the animation
  • Lighting the scenes especially the scene that is set at night
  • The amount that still needs to be done and fitting this in with other modules
  • The amount of scenes that I planned to create for my animation

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