Thursday, 10 March 2011

Scenery for animation

I modelled the structure of a building for the crane scene. I drew out the shape of the girder using the line tool and then used the extrude modifier to create the length of the beam. I positioned the sections and then cloned them to make the shape that I wanted.

I modelled a reel for cables that will be put into the scene along with some piles of pipes to add more detail into the scene.
For the casino scene I modelled a chair and the pedestal section that the poker table is on.
I started to model the casino room using a box. Using a normal modifier to reverse the normals the inside of the box can be rendered. I found that by using this method, as long as force 2 sided isn’t selected, the camera can see through the side closest to the camera and into the box, as polygons don’t render from the reverse side.

This means that I can model the room and then move the camera angle to either side to look into the room. I thought that I would have to select three sides of the cube and then hide them but this way works much better.

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